Real Estate Settlement Gift Ideas

Real Estate Settlement Gift Ideas

Real Estate Settlement Gift Ideas

Being a real estate agent can be a tough gig. A lot of the time you are working on a base salary and relying on commissions after the sale of houses has gone through. This can take months depending on where you are located and what the market is like at the time. However, the feeling when a settlement goes through is one of pure happiness, not just because you get your commission but because you have helped a family buy a home, or helped them sell one that they were previously in.

The people you have helped to buy a house have begun to build a relationship with you. You have spoken to them a lot over the past few months and in a way, it will be sad to see them go. Many real estate agents will give a settlement gift to the purchaser of the house once the settlement goes through. A little gift to say thank you for choosing them at the real estate agent and wishing them all the best for the future. But what do you give as a settlement gift? How do you make a statement through a gift?


Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are a great way to show your clients how much they meant to you. A way to show your appreciation and give a little back to them. A few popular choices are a framed picture of the home with the dates the settlement went through and the date they moved in, an engraver key to the home with the dates on it (which can be used or framed) or an engraved sign to go on the front of the house. But, if you want to get that winning edge than why not try a personalised doormat to keep you on-trend!


Craft Beers

Champagne used to be the gift of choice for many celebrations, however, these days champagne is not overly popular and most of the time the bottle will sit unopened in a cupboard. If you want to give a gift that is a little bit different, interesting and likely to be used a hamper of different craft beers is the way to go. It gives your clients a chance to trial a few different drinks, drink something outside their comfort zone and it is a practical gift that will not just be pushed to the back of a cupboard and forgotten about.


Homeware Hamper

This is especially popular if your clients are moving into their first home together and have not lived away from home before. A hamper is full of different homewares such as candles, photo frames, vases. Anything that would be a nice decoration piece in the home. You have spent months with your clients so there would be a bit of understanding to what their style is and you can select pieces that are in line with that style.


Fruit bowl with fruit

Another practical yet very well received gift is a lovely large fruit bowl full of fresh fruit. Not only do they receive the fresh fruit to consume but they then have a fruit bowl ready for the new house and to be refilled for many years to come. There are so many different designs of fruit bowls now so you can take the time to choose one that stands out and is in line with the style of your clients.

The same could be done with a nice vase and a bunch of flowers.


Local Produce Hamper

This is one we love. Creating a hamper full of local produces a great way to not only show your appreciation but also to welcome them to the community. You are able to show them a piece of all the different businesses in the area and providing them with quality products whilst doing so. You can add in an assortment of different products, foods, crafts, homewares and much more.


A settlement gift is designed to show your clients that you appreciate that they chose you. That you are excited to have worked with them and are looking forward to seeing how their life pans out in their new home. Where possible, deliver the gift to them in person for that extra special touch.

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