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How to decorate your front door for easter

It is almost time for the Easter Bunny to visit and bring with him lots of yummy chocolate and gifts.

Easter is a time to celebrate and spend time with family, much like Christmas.

However, have you noticed that there are far fewer decorations and dressing up your home when it comes to Easter? We are surrounded by Christmas decorations for months beforehand, yet finding Easter decorations can be difficult.

Why not create the same excitement around Easter and decorate your home?

We have put together a few little ideas that you can implement at your front door to help make the excitement and joy that all kids want to see.

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Easter Wreath

Stepping away from a traditional wreath at your front door and creating an Easter one will help make your entry fun and exciting.

Get the kids involved in helping to make a wreath using a variety of craft supplies.

Decorating the wreath with bright coloured fake eggs, which you can pick up in most two dollar stores will give a real Easter look to your wreath.

It will look like a ring of Easter eggs hanging from your front door – oh and don’t forget the glitter! The Easter bunny loves glitter 😉


Easter Door Mat

There are a couple of options that you can choose from when it comes to an Easter doormat.

You can organise to have a custom made doormat that fits in with your Easter theme, either which a picture of a Bunny on it or the words “Happy Easter”

Alternatively, you can try making your own mat with the kids using materials and wrapping it around an old doormat to make it more sturdy. You can cut out bunny shapes from different coloured materials and glue them on and write a fun message on it. The great thing about a material made doormat is that you can then wash it and put it away for the next Easter.

Happy Easter doormat


Another pretty and fun way to decorate your front of the house is with an Easter-themed garland.

There are a number of different places that you may be able to purchase an Easter-themed garland consisting of bunnies and eggs or you can get the kids together and make your own using pastel colours and cut-outs.

Hang the garland around the door or the eaves of the front of the home and create your own little Easter wonderland.


Signs and Statues

Another simple way to get your front door into the Easter spirit is with different signs or statues.

A bunny statue is a very clear way to show that you are excited for Easter to be here soon.

Or you could make or purchase an “Easter Bunny stop here” sign to have out the front.

Even a simple basket set up at the door with various coloured fake Easter eggs is a fun way to show that you are getting into the spirit.


Easter is a fun and exciting time and the kids are sure to be excited about waking up in the morning to find that the Easter bunny has visited.

Why not show them your excitement in the lead up as well and start decorating and creating a fun tradition with them.

Get them involved in the decorating process and let them choose a few things to display as well.

Pastel colours are most common when it comes to Easter and you are sure to be able to find various craft supplies in the right colours to create your outdoor theme.


Have fun and Happy Easter!

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