How to care for a personalised coir doormat

How to care for a personalised coir doormat

How to care and clean your COIR Doormat

Made of natural coir/coco (coconut husk) fibres with a Latex backing (PVC) keep each mat in place.

Each doormat has multiple layers of premium UV paint and sealed with a UV/water resistant sealer.
These doormats are a renewable and natural product and therefore; not meant to last a lifetime and are designed to be more of a decorative item.
caring for a custom doormat

We recommend a covered entrance and keeping the doormat dry, away from any rain and sheltered from the sun. As the doormat is made of natural coconut husk fibres water will cause the doormat to swell and shed.

The natural coconut fibres in your doormat will shed, we do recommend giving them a shake or a quick vacuum every week or so, to loosen excess debris.

If it becomes saturated with water, the coconut fibres will change colour and hold the water, you can hang it to dry for a few days.
Enjoy your new personalised product!
care for personalised doormat


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