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How often should you replace your doormat?

It's the first piece people see when arriving at your house and it should make a good impression! It's also fun to change the style from time to time. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can be sure that the doormat is always looking its best — it's a welcoming sight for all who come through.
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The longevity of a doormat is affected by several factors. These include the presence or lack of an overhang, the severity of weather conditions, and how vigorous its use is. Extremes in temperature can especially damage certain materials, causing greater wear and tear that may necessitate more frequent replacement.

The house was clean yesterday front doormatThe doormats are an important part of keeping your home clean - it traps dirt and other debris before it has the chance to come inside. Frequent foot traffic, however, can cause wear and tear over time if the mat isn't replaced regularly.

Long-term use may cause wear and tear on the mat, decreasing its effectiveness over time. To ensure that it keeps doing its job properly, make sure to swap out your front mat often, we recommend every six months.
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