5 Tips to refresh your home

5 Tips to refresh your home

Follow these steps to give your home that lovely welcoming feel.


Indoor plants

Indoor plants are great to complete a room, or take up space in a corner your just not sure to do with. Indoor plants such as Mother in Laws tongue, cyclamens or a maiden hair fern will introduce some colour & texture.

New curtains

This can be your most costly exercise but the rewards are amazing! If your on a budget stick to venetians either PVC or the timber look. Wanting to splash out? Then Plantatian Shutters are a popular choice.

Bright lights

Overtime your light globes will dim. Consider changing your light globes to some LED or another energy efficient globe. Install a sunlight into a darken space or hallway for an instant effect.


There is nothing like a splash of colour to brighten up a wall. Check out your local art gallery to support an Australian artist. Or why not take a few pictures yourself and have them enlarged and framed.

Oil diffuser

A sense of smell can bring back beautiful memories. To freshen up the space within your home consider using oils like, Eucalyptus, lavender, DoTerra Purify or a citrus blend.



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